Since Every Home Differs, Multiple Factors Can Affect Pricing.
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Various Factors That Can Affect Pricing of a Home Inspection in North Central Texas

It really is much more than just square footage...

Age of Home - All homes can naturally deteriorate as they age. Factors such as, but not limited to, effects of the elements, home maintenance, and normal wear and tear, affect homes in multiple ways. As an example, a home that is 75 years old will most likely have more issues than one that is 10 years old. Older homes typically take additional time to inspect as well as to write the associated report. Additionally, what may have been allowed by code when the home was built, may not meet current code requirements. Typically these items are not required to be upgraded for re-sell purposes.

Type of Foundation - Pier & Beam built homes always require additional time to inspect. Many require great effort to accurately inspect the "Crawl Space" This can be magnified in older homes. It is common for slab foundations of homes in North Texas to experience movement during their lifetime. Current condition(s) can affect the inspection and subsequent evaluation.

Location / Lot - Depending on where a home has been built, how it is landscaped, quality of care it has received, etc... it may require additional time to inspect for unusual soil conditions, grading and soil drainage, retaining walls, ability to access, etc...any or all of these can have a direct affect on the home.

Type of Roof - Different types of roof construction and/or coverings may require a different type of inspection. This may include complicated roof structures, multiple fireplaces and height variances. Not all roofs can be walked upon for an inspection. There are some instances that may require an expert in the roofing field to adequately inspect a roof to industry standards.

Price Point - A three-million dollar home versus a $300,000 home can, and often does come with its own set of challenges. Typically, higher priced homes have additional and substantially more complicated systems, each requiring individual attention to detail during the inspection process.

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